Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Great Rabbit Wars Pt. 28

Observations of Fival's Pets 003 (access previous Communications)

Date: Unknown (approx. time of Second Human Offense)

Location: Former Underground Human Settlement

Author: Unknown

They didn't attack. A visitor approached through the entrance tunnels and the Pets let her be. She strode right into the city. The Pets parting like the old sea in myths. She wore the rabbit ears like them. But she wasn't the same. She was sane. Dressed in a uniform and the shadows of those she commands creating silohuettes against the sun.

We heard her demand the Pets' attention. She was one of the humans now on the side of the Rodent Army. Some thought she was here to recruit the Pets but the rest of us knew these vile urchins were too far feral. Un-trainable. Unusable in the war. No. She wasn't after them. She was hear to negotiate for us. She bartered for our lives, providing the Pets with slaughtered soldiers and supplies. Carrots so to speak.

We emerged from our holes. The Pets sneering and hissing at us as if we were the beasts. The girl who traded for us calls herself Bianca. A few of us recognize her from before. The daughter of someone once important to our city when it was still standing. She says we are now part of the Rodent Army. We work for them. But she says we are to answer only to her. There is no need for us to interact with the rabbits. Though, from what I've seen of humanity lately, I'm not sure many of us would mind.

First taste of fresh air in months. First taste of food that doesn't consist of insects and soil. The sun hurts our eyes - a result of the methane poisoning. We are under command yet if feels like freedom.

(Tune in next Story Time Tuesday for the next installment)

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