Saturday, June 20, 2009

Research Takes a Bunny Hop Away from the Long Ears

The research continues on the new chapter book series. But I'm getting close. The voice is starting to come to me. I had to finish the draft of my novel first and clear that voice out of my head. Now I'm feeling ready to hop in.

The latest book I read has nothing to do rabbits. (Still think you know where I'm going?). 

 Warriors: Warrior's Return: This kiddy manga is based on Erin Hunter's expansive children's book fantasy series about Cat clans. (I have yet to read the originals, but after checking this out, I plan to). It's obviously inspired by one of my all time favorite novels, Watership Down by Richard Adams. I really loved the bigness of the story, even in this short manga version, the scope was huge. The art was great and very appealing for the age group (4th grade-ish). It tells the story of Graystripe returning to his uprooted clan. The adventure scenes were very well done and the character relationships were skillful. 

I'd give 4 mice out 5.

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