Saturday, January 14, 2017

Weekend Music Roundup

The second weekend roundup of the new year has come and it brings you some interesting releases. Most of the albums on are from artists that are new to me. Though most were released sometime last year, I always like to take this time, typically a lull in new releases, to check out some things that I might have missed in the previous year. As always, I found a few nice surprise...and a few that I could take it or leave it. Hopefully you'll find something here worth checking out. Enjoy. 

All Them Witches - Sleeping Through the War: The Nashville band's fourth album is the second 2017 release that I listened to and it's another solid one. I wasn't all that familiar with these guys before jumping in and it was a nice surprise to hear their brand of psychedelic rock. It has a harder edge than most, but doesn't really fit into heavy psych. "Alabaster," "Don't Bring Me Coffee," and "Cowboy Kirk" were my personal favorites. 

Ryley Walker and Charles Rumback - Cannots: Over the past three years, Ryley Walker has become one of my favorite artists. This is an instrumental album he made last year with Charles Rumback. It's sort of dark and moody album, the kind of free folk that I love. The title track is amazing as is "Oft Rift." These are the kind of soundtrack songs that are great for creative work and I'm glad I was able to finally track this down.

The Doors - London Fog 1966: Released just before Christmas is this archival recording of The Doors in London before the release of their debut. It's far more bluesy than The Doors would come to be known for, while still containing the raw energy that they were known for. The performance is electric. It is the earliest known live recording of the band, making it a must for fans. 

Courtney Marie Andrews - Honest Life: The sixth album from the Phoenix based singer songwriter was released late last summer. This is folk music in the old Gram Parsons, Kath Bloom style, in that it is mixed with a true country flavor, not a twangy one, but a roots one. As the title would suggest, this is an honest sounding album that I enjoyed. It's nothing earth shattering, but it's a good listen. "Table for One" is my personal favorite. 

Hyde - The Seeds of Doom: The self-released doom metal debut from the Belgium band is an interesting album. It takes vocals that could easily be The Cranberries and pairs it with melodic metal. This is something that has been going on for several years now, and while I like the mixture, I'm still waiting for the album that puts it all together perfectly. This is a decent listen, but it's not that album. There were moments where it all came together, but they were too infrequent for me.

The Powder Room - Lucky: This is the second album from the Athens, GA noise rock band. It came out last fall, and I admit to only giving it a go because I was attracted the cover. This reminds me of the heavier noise rock outfits of the '90s such Jesus Lizard and Tad, but with vocals closer to Helmet's In the Meantime. "Deep Dish," "That's No Way to Live," "Black Dress," and "The Elitist" are standout tracks on a solid album.

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