Saturday, January 28, 2017


With all of the craziness that is currently going on in D.C., it's hard to decide where to focus efforts, anger, and frustration. But Trump's ban on refugees from seven Muslim countries, and the instituting of religion preference is perhaps the most UnAmerican act a President has ever taken, right alongside the WWII Japanese interment camps. Hiding behind this ridiculous notion of "extreme vetting" is the biggest joke, as if the U.S. currently grants refugee status without vetting. The idea of religious preference is completely against what this country was founded on. The idea that people fled where they were because of religious persecution is the reason we believe in the Freedom of Religion. 

And to make all of it worse, the people perpetrating these illegal actions are those who claim they love America more than others. They declare that liberals hate America. From what I see, we are the only ones who actually love the ideals that America is supposed to stand for!

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