Thursday, October 22, 2015

There's Gold in Them Hills

I'm currently reworking the last third of my manuscript and had been finding it a daunting task. The existing story line that makes up the final build-up and climax needs to be rethought based on changes in the content and motivations of the characters from the first two thirds of the novel. Rather than plotting it out ahead of time, I'd decided to wait and see where the leading action was taking me. This process always has a way of feeling a bit overwhelming when it gets to this point. Suddenly you have to evaluate the entire story as a whole, draw conclusions about the themes, and enact a plot that satisfies the outcome. It left me feeling a bit lost yesterday...then this morning, I saw an amazing double rainbow stretching from mounting to the next and it reminded me that there are always connections and always a way to get from there to here. Sometimes you just have to look outward in order to find the will to continue on.

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