Saturday, October 31, 2015

Change of Heart

I've spent the last twenty years growing to dislike Halloween. When I lived in the city, I grew to dislike it a little more with every year that passed. In New York, it's turned into a day where idiots can go out and act like idiots in the street and somehow the rest of us are supposed to put up with it. Louie had a great episode that illustrated how shitty that city is on this day. 

Living in the country the past ten years, my hatred has waned, but I still have never embraced the holiday the way I did as a child. It is, after all, a child's holiday. Unlike other holidays, the entire nature of it seems geared around childish activities, that when enacted by adults, sort of creep me out. 

This year has been different. Now that there is a child in my life, these are the kind of things that I've begun to look at differently. I feel like I can once again enjoy this holiday, and sure enough, I have enjoyed my baby in a elephant costume and walking around with her as I dressed as Axl Rose. It feels good to find enjoyment in things that held none not so long ago.

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