Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Secretely Canadian

Though I live less than four hours from the border with our neighbors to the North, I'd never made the trip up to Canada until last week, spending four days in the beautiful city of Montreal. Given that they speak French there, I wondered if the town would have a European feel to it. And while there are certainly some things there that resemble the cities of Europe, it did not feel European. That said, it definitely did not feel American either. It was quite something to travel a few hundred miles and discover a place that felt foreign, despite the fact that most Americans look upon the country as little more than the 51st state. 

I have to admit that I absolutely loved the city. It had an extremely welcoming vibe that instantly made me comfortable. There wasn't a moment when I didn't feel completely at ease. I always judge a place on whether or not I could see myself living there, and when it comes to Montreal, I could imagine myself taking up residence.

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