Sunday, May 10, 2015

Montage of Music

In case anybody was wondering what happened to the Weekend Music Roundup, the answer is simple. The birth of my daughter last weekend listening to music has not been in the plans. Well, that's not say I haven't listened to music, just haven't had time to absorb new music. However, I did have time to watch the wonderful Kurt Cobain documentary on HBO, Montage of Heck, which did feature some new music, most notably an acoustic Kurt cover of The Beatles "And I Love Her," which is absolutely brilliant.

The entire film was actually quite brilliant. Combing through home videos, interviews, and most strikingly, Kurt's own journals and drawings, the film offered a glimpse into what Kurt was truly like as a person. So often, the prevailing myths about Kurt, and media portrayal of him a depressed junkie, overshadow the creativity of his work and the humor which he displayed so often. Montage of Heck was able to show this legend in such a way that the legend became a man again, one with flaws and genius in equal parts. Bravo!

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