Sunday, May 17, 2015

Weekend Music Roundup (Baby's First Records Edition)

My baby daughter continues to deter from my new music listening time, but it's opened up a whole new kind of listening this week. Over the last few days I've been listening to two or more records with her when she's fussy, and since she is my child, it's no surprise that it calms her. I've been trying to share with her not only some of my favorites, but also songs that I remember from my childhood. My up bringing was solidly based in '70s folk rock, and I see hers being steeped in 2000's folk. So without a lot of blabbing, her's what we have been listening to this week.

Rockabye Baby! - Lullaby Renditions of the White Stripes: We've listened to a few of these, so far this is the best one. She was extra fussy during this listen, so hard to gauge her interest. I honestly think she'd rather the real album. Luckily, I got that covered as well.

 Oasis - Definitely Maybe: A modern classic from the Fab Five. As expected, her favorite song was "Live Forever" but it perhaps it was a bit too rocking for the time of evening that we played it. Still, there will be plenty of Oasis in her future.

The Decemberists - The Crane Wife: Took her to a record fair yesterday and we picked this up on vinyl. She adored this album. "Shankill Butchers" was her favorite, the ideal anti-lullabye. She's also heard parts of the new album, but will get a proper listen soon enough.

Jim Croce - I Got a Name: A favorite from my childhood, I was excited to share the Croce with her. She loved "Lover's Cross" and the title track, as do I. Still want to share other great songs with her like "Operator" and "Time in a Bottle".

Langhorne Slim - The Way We Move: This album always reminds me of my dad, not only because it was the album I listened to as I drove home the night he passed away, but also because there are so many references in it that remind me of him. I was happy to share it with her, and "Past Lives" was her favorite song. 

Iron and Wine - Ghost on Ghost: The soft rhythms of his work, along with the complexities that exist under the surface make him an interesting listen. To my surprise, "Joy" was her favorite song, one that I hadn't paid much attention to before.

Neil Young - Everybody Knows This is Nowhere: One of all time favorites, also picked up on vinyl yesterday and listened to it with her. It would have been devistating if she didn't like Old Shakey, but she does. "Down by the River" was her favorite song. 

Elton John - Madman Across the Water: Another favorite of mine, and an album that I believe it is impossible not to like. She liked it, too. Another surprise here, the title track was her favorite, even more so than powerhouse hits like "Tiny Dancer" and "Levon".

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