Friday, October 3, 2014

The Hunger

Stepping away from a story in the middle of writing it is always a dangerous idea, and one I never ponder without serious consideration. But sometimes there are circumstances that leave you with no other choice. Working on two projects over the past several months, I came to a point where I just needed to have at least one of them finished. So it was with a heavy heart that I put aside my werewolf project a few weeks ago to focus on the other manuscript which was farther along. 

Having completed the other story two weekends ago, it was time to turn my attentions once again to the pages where bloodthirsty beasts lurked and secrets threatened to escape at any second. Diving back into something that is literally half-written can be difficult. So I read through the pages that were already written in order to reacquaint my imagination, and to tidy up things from an editorial point of view. 

With time away, there's always the risk that a story will no longer hold your interest as a writer. But there is also the potential that time away will recapture the enthusiasm that was there at the start of the project. I'm happy to say the latter was the case this time around. After reading through what I had already done, I became more excited about the story than I'd been in some time. Now I just need that momentum to pull me through to the finish line.

Claws drawn...howling at the moon!

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