Monday, October 13, 2014

Dead Man Walking

Last night The Walking Dead returned for its fifth season, and it literally came back with a bang. For a show with shaky beginnings, it has firmly cemented itself as one of the best shows on television. And perhaps to silence critics of the last half season who thought it moved too slow, the premiere held all of the excitement of season finale. Wisely, the show decided not to drag out the confrontation with the Terminus gang. It laid everything out in this episode, answered all of the mysteries, and put an end to the least for now.

In addition to being the most exciting episode since the prison showdown, this one also had the distinction of being the most gruesome. Interestingly enough, the most despicably violent behavior was exhibited not by flesh eating zombies, but by other humans. That's not so surprising though, as the show has always centered the most heart wrenching tension and fear around other humans, which is one of the things that keeps it so compelling. 

If last night was any indication...we're in for another great season.

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