Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween?

In the past I've been a pretty vocal Halloween Humbug. I wasn't always that way. I quite enjoyed the holiday until I moved to NYC. Ten years in Manhattan is enough to ruin the day, because you quickly learn that it's just an excuse for millions of people to head out into the streets and act like assholes. 

This is now my tenth Halloween outside of that Ebola infested island, and I think I might actually be coming back around. That's one country Halloween for every city one, and they've finally evened out. I still maintain that it's a children's holiday. I will never understand adults that get into all of that fake fright nonsense, or even the drunken costume party scene. But I can understand why it's fun for kids, and why parents can enjoy it. So maybe by this time next year I will actually be celebrating again. Until then...Half-Humbug.

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