Friday, April 4, 2014

Scattered Thoughts

Over the past month I'd been trying to work on several projects at once. I was feeling ambitious and energetic when I made that fateful decision, but as I got busier and busier, I found the effort was a bit too much to take on. Something had to give. This week I made the choice to shelve the new novel I'd started back in December. 

I hate when this happens. I go into each new novel with such high hopes and when they sputter out, it can be devestating. But I had to face facts. My momentum on the story had stalled a little. When this happens, I always try to figure out why, so that I can correct it and change courses. While I'm pretty sure where I started to go wrong, I didn't have the focus to correct it at this time. Rather than struggle through it, I'm going to focus on two children's book projects that I've been tinkering with, and which have been moving along nicely. I've also decided to continue with a revision of a novel length manuscript that I'd completed nearly two years ago. I figure that is something that will take up less energy and keep me on track. 

I hope to go back to the novel once I've finished these other projects. Perhaps with a clearer mind, I'll be able to accomplish the vision I'd set out with. Balancing your imagination is all part of the writing process. You have to go where the energy is at in the moment, however hard that may be to accept. 

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