Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Into the Forest

As I wrote last week, I'm working on two different manuscripts right now. One is a children's novel and the other is the revision of a YA novel. Interestingly enough, both feature an element of frightening forests. The classic fairy tale setting has always appealed to me, though I've had little opportunity to take advantage of it in the past. However, both of these stories have their roots in ancient folk and fairy tales, making the forest and all its darkness fair game.

My attraction to the forest goes back to my childhood. I spent most of my outdoor time in the woods that surrounded the area near where I grew up. Luckily I lived near a decent sized state park, and the housing developments were still few and far between. The woods were a place where children could live removed from the rules of an adult world for a few hours. In that space, the imagination took shape. Adventures were born and characters came to life. I'm really enjoying the journey back there and can think of no better place for my stories to exist.

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