Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Economy of Dreams

I frequently have dreams where I find myself in record stores that don't exist in reality. There is one particular record store that I've visited twice, in two different dreams, and which I attempted to visit a third time but could not seem to find the outdoor mall where I knew it to be located. This fictional store was located somewhere in the Interzone area outside New York. It had a brick edifice, was quite spacious, and contained a dynamite selection of albums that have never existed. 

Last night I had a dream about that very same store. Only this time I wasn't inside it, but rather was watching an interview with the owner. As it turned out, the store had closed down. It was the victim of its own success, having attracted other stores to the area and becoming unable to compete. It was quite upsetting. I felt genuine sadness that my favorite dream record shop hadn't survived the economy of my dreamworld. 

In a state of bewilderment, I came across a tiny record store located in a basement store front. It turns out this shop was owned and operated by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, which sounds fantastic, but ended being a disaster. Both of them were in the shop, and it was run like a SNL skit. It didn't actually have any records. In the bins where the records were supposed to be were packages of ramen noodles with band logos on the front. There was also a wide variety of novelty items, which rather than amuse me, made me frustrated. The whole thing was this elaborate joke they had set upon record enthusiasts that caused me to make a scene. Needless to say, I won't be welcome in their shop during future dreams. I guess I'll just have to find that other store I was once at, the one that kept the really great stuff on the second floor...if only I can remember where it's located.

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