Monday, January 6, 2014

Look Out! Here I Come!

When working on a manuscript there always seems to come a moment when I'm unsure what should happen next. I'll be chipping away at a nice pace, knowing that after this chapter or that chapter, my current path will have expired. Not that I would say I'm completely lost, but I've reached the end of what I'd completely thought out. 

These are the parts of a story that one must navigate with care. But they must be navigated quickly. At some point you have to simply barge through, commit to a turn and take it or you risk sputtering out. Today I'm going to reach one of those points in my current novel. Thankfully, I've spent enough time taking the long view before I started writing that I know a lot of things that I want to happen. So it becomes a matter of choosing a direction rather than inventing one.

Perhaps the worst part of dealing with these dilemmas is the way I tend to slow down before reaching them. It's as if I don't want to finish the scene I'm working on until I know the next one. But tomorrow is an off day for me, so I should have plenty of time to plot out my route. Wish me luck.

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