Friday, January 24, 2014

Powerpuff Girls Back in Action!

In case you missed it on Monday, the Powerpuff Girls returned to television with a brand-new half hour special to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of their debut. Needless to say, I was super excited despite the fact that I suddenly felt very old realizing how quickly fifteen years goes by once you're an adult. 

From the opening sequence, I confess to being thrown off by the new art style. I hadn't read anything about an updated look being used and having been a huge fan of the original, I found it jolting. By the end, I did enjoy the new look. Part of me thinks it was a strange choice in direction for a anniversary special, but I suppose the original art might look outdated now given that there have been so many imitators since the show aired. Also, it's not the first time the characters have been revamped as die-hard fans will know from Powerpuff Girls Z, the anime based series from Japan. 

Admittedly, my expectations were very high. And while the episode was well done, it certainly won't rank among the funniest or most innovative in the show's history. A lot of the character jokes that make the show great were missing. Bubbles, always my favorite, was wisely made the star, but for some reason her personality went through a lot of changes during the course of the episode. The fight scenes weren't terribly creative either, having the girls rely on one tactic that was pretty basic. And then the girls were basically removed from the plot toward the end, putting the focus on the Professor's past dance fiasco. However, the ending was very sweet and rewarding. It was nice having the Pokey Oaks kindergartners back on the air, even if it was only for one episode.

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