Sunday, January 26, 2014

Catching Bumble Bees

Sometimes it's easier to write the emotional sections that make readers swoon than to write those that sting. I've never had too much trouble affecting sadness, or sweetness. My challenge has always been detailing those events that cause the reader to shift uncomfortably in their chairs as something disturbing crosses the page. 

In my newest manuscript, I've created a story ripe with those moments and it's been difficult at times to secure the feeling I'm aiming for. As a writer, sometimes you have to step out of the areas you excel at in order to write something new and interesting, not only for the reader, but for your own interest in the process. Given this, the writing has been slow in parts as I try to move through unfamiliar situations. It's not always easy, but then again, no one ever said writing was supposed to be.

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