Friday, April 27, 2012

West Coast Highway

My travels continue. Since my last post, I've rolled through L.A., up to San Fran, made a pit stop in Eureka and am now in Portland. I love how vastly different the west coast is from the east coast. It's amazing that we share the same country and culture (for the most part). 

Driving through the Redwoods was incredible. It's always nice to visit Endor. The ideas flowed fast and furious in those parts. One of the strange things about the way I work is my incessant need to stay in one place to work, coupled with me need for new scenery in order to recharge the batteries. 

Sometimes I think we writers have a tendency to over think a thing or two. Not everything has to be so complicated. Some things just are what they are. Like the photo above, simple and direct can be just as a amazing.

(artwork by Ina, unknown date, hanging in the Museum of Contemporary Craft guest wall in Portland)

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