Sunday, April 29, 2012

Weekend Music Round Up (Traveling Edition 2)

So the road trip continues for a few more days. Since the last Roundup, I've done way too much record shopping, hitting stores in every town and flipping through the bins searching for deals, steals, and everything else that might catch my eye. Literally. It's getting to the point that my second carry-on is nearly too full of records...but somehow I'm sure I'll manage to get them back home. 

For the first stop, I went to Amoeba in San Fran. Though it shares a name with the store in L.A., the vibe there is very different, as is the selection. I bought a bunch of records here, almost none of which were available in the L.A. store. If ever on the West Coast, these are stores you have to check out. There is just a great music lovers vibe inside of them....not to mention the goods.

Here's the records I got there Some rare and wonderfully priced stuff. Of course this pile has since tripled since visiting Portland and now Seattle. I have photos, but the uploader is too slow today. So you'll have to wait until I review them. It could take a while. Not sure how long it will actually be before I get to listen to them all, but it's a task I look forward to undertaking.

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