Thursday, April 19, 2012


Naturally the first thing I did in L.A. was spend a few hours, and a few hundred dollars, at Amoeba Records on Sunset Blvd, also known as the best record store in the world. Then I found myself with some time to kill, so I started to wander and quickly found myself stepping on the stars. Though I've been to this town a few times before, I've actually never crossed paths with this landmark. I figured it was worth a stroll, and to give myself a purpose, I decided I would keep walking until I found Shirley Temple's star.

Long time readers might remember this post from two years ago discussing the queen of child starlets. As a pop culture figure, she's always held a special place in my imagination. It seemed like a good enough reason as any to begin my walk. Well, that little scamp was difficult to find. I strutted up one block, then two, then more, snapping photos of Michael Jackson, Buddy Holly, George Harrison, Jack White and of course, Lawrence Welk, who very well might be my great grandfather (long story). After seven or eight blocks, I'd just about given up. I headed back toward my car and then, in a burst of California magic, there she was. 

I felt like I'd accomplished something. The winds of fate have changed once more to blow in my favor. That's the state of mind only Los Angeles can inspire. So thanks Curly take your bow.

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