Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Nightmare of Heaven

Over the past few weeks I've been letting a new story develop in my head. During my vacation, rather than outline the way I normally would, I just wrote little snippets of scenes. It gave the characters a chance to develop in way that is different than I've been working recently. I felt like I needed to let go a bit with one. The plan is to work fast and free and so far its paying off.

I started writing yesterday. So far, the going is pretty fantastic. The mood is similar to a nightmare I had of Heaven recently. It's also set in black and white. I wonder how many novels have been set in black and white before?


  1. Its so fascinating following your writing methods.

    (Google Account not working)

  2. Do your ideas come to you randomly, in dreams or how? When I'm reading a book I will either dream scenes straight from the story or in strange bits until I finish, Ive wondered if some stories come to writers the same way it effects their readers.


  3. Yeah, the ideas come pretty randomly. Dreams are definitely a source, but typically only for certain elements of a story as dream plots (at least mine) don't usually play out in plots that make any sense upon waking. The idea for this particular story came from a few places...a video game, the title of a book a friend's daughter was reading, and an image that struck me a great character.