Saturday, June 25, 2011

Old Habits Are Hard to Make

I mentioned before how with this new project I'm working on, I decided to write a little more freely, allowing the characters and story to dictate where it was going. So far, it's been working out great. The opening fifty pages or so really blossomed into a world far more interesting than I ever could have planned. Many small details emerged just in passing that have become key elements to the story. This isn't exactly new for me. The same thing happened quite a bit when writing Life is But a Dream (out in just several months now). But with that book, they were within a more rigid plan that I had to begin with. I had only a basic plan here.

Of course, after writing sixty pages and having all of these elements beginning to take shape, I couldn't resist falling into old habits. I needed to spend a day figuring out what all of these elements meant. I knew they were all working together, but it was important for me to figure how before I messed it all up. I'm glad to say I did. And the story--it goes on.

(ARTWORK by Chen Ke: an amazing Chinese artist whose work I saw on exhibit in Switzerland)


  1. Just love the artwork. Just carry on, the characters will say what they need.


  2. These are just amazing. Full of life.


  3. Her sculpture is really great too.

  4. love the pictures, love to hear about the different processes a writer uses.