Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Strange Places That I Visit

I've been writing about an interesting world in the new project I'm working on. It takes place in an limbo-like afterlife, giving me a lot of space for invention. When I first starting taking notes on this project last month, a lot of the pre-work was making sure I figured out this place and all its oddity. One of the things that influenced my vision of this world was an exhibit I saw in Switzerland of Chinese artists. The work of Yang Yongliang in particular caught my attention. It was so in line with the idea I was trying to formulate. It's been a big influence in the shape the project has taken.


  1. Damn blogger lost the comment - how I hate this software.

    I tried to say I love Chinese landscapes and the early Japanese prints of Mt Fuji


  2. if you look closely at these, you'll see the mountains are made up of thousands of buildings.