Tuesday, May 31, 2011

We Wander Through Our Days

I just returned from a trip to Switzerland and one of my goals for the trip was to spend some time just wandering around and snapping photos. I go to Switzerland about once a year to visit the Missus' homeland. This trip I spent more time in cities than in recent times. European cities always have a nice crop of graffiti and street art that I find inspiring. I'll be posting pics over the next few weeks.

I found this guy in several places around Basel (the country's second largest city, located right between the borders with Germany and France). There's something about him that appeals to me. I also liked the variety and subtle differences between the figures. They also varied in size. I found most of these in sections of the city on either band of Rein.

This character became my shadow companion in a scavenger hunt of the imagination. I used this quest to think about the quest my main characters need to undertake in the novel I'm just beginning. Just another strange part of the job of being a writer.

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  1. interesting... and much nicer than the graffiti around here. thank you for sharing - would love to get there myself one day. :)