Saturday, May 22, 2010

Kids Rule!

I have a confession to make. I love writing books for young children. I love creating kid characters because they crack me up. They are inquisitive, sometimes confused, and often courageous. I've been working on some new chapter books like my Pirate School and CatKid series and really enjoy writing for this age. Though not quite a novel, this level has its own writing challenges. However, when it comes to creating a 7-9 year old character, I have a few rules that I stick by.

  1. Life is NOT Fair! - This an unflappable rule of kiddom. It's a known fact that grown-ups conspire against kids everywhere who are just trying to have fun.
  2. There is Nothing Wrong with Being Silly - I'm a firm believer that silly is one of our best sides and there's no reason ever to obey the command to "stop being silly."
  3. Though They Try Really Hard, Grown-Ups Don't Understand a Lot of Things - This one is self explanatory. I often wonder how some people forget the importance of certain things that we all knew to be facts as children.
  4. Kids are Clever Too - I'm a big believer in having kid characters finding creative solutions to their dilemmas. They should always be the star of their own show.
  5. Kids Are Allowed to be Kids - I really dislike those stories where kids try to be overly cool or sophisticated in an adult way. Because even when real kids behave that way, there are kiddish motivations behind it.
If you don't agree me...well...then I think you're stinky!


  1. Great rules though I think would add 'Life is more compicated than it seems'.

  2. I agree! I agree! Great points, Brian. Thanks.