Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Great Rabbit Wars Pt. 20

Internal Rodent Army Memo 001 (access previous Communications)
(Confiscated in Raid on Outer Warrens during Second Human Offensive)

-----(Date Classified)----

Military operations in Human Cities to cease. Human populations in urban areas down to bare minimum. One hold-out city yet to fall. Sending reserves to extinguish stubborn survivors and drive them underground like other human cities. Burn all traces of our assault. Must keep our newly developed tactics secret. Humans are adaptable.

Electricity is being restored and routed to the warrens. Manufacturing of sonic weapons to increase to highest level. All rabbits over one winter's age will be required to bear arms and join the ranks. Expansion into above ground territories vital to survival. Outposts to be established along former roads. Detailed maps to be kept of human movements.

Ministry of Rodent Science has been established in the Great Warren. New propaganda techniques being developed. Research has begun in continued rabbit genetics. We will improve on the advancements given to our race by Humans. Estimated date of complete worldwide takeover: one year and sixteen days.

Long Live Nippon! Long Live the Great Society!

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  1. whoa. sonic weapons. i'd like to see how those work.