Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Great Rabbit Wars Pt. 19

Entry from Recovered Rabbit Child's Diary 003 (access previous documents)

The twenty-second day of Rabbit Month, Year One

Dear Journal,

I spoke to her, the angel girl. She says her name is Kendra. She's not a real angel, she's a girl just like me. But her wings are real, not like my rabbit ears. She says that the rabbits are wrong to fight with people. She says the humans are wrong to fight with the rabbits. She wants us all to be friends together and so do the people who follow her. She wants me to come live with them in their camp outside of the old city. But I told her that I never could. Bianca watches me all of the time now. It's been hard enough just to sneak away to bring her food.

One of the humans says he knows me. He says I'm his cousin and that we used to go to school together. I don't remember school. I don't remember cousins either. The rabbits tell us that we have no human family. They say all of us rabbit children were born together in the Great Warren. I'm pretty sure now they have been lying to us.

Today, I went to see Kendra again. She was waiting for me by the trees just like always. I was running to meet her when I heard the loud squeaks of Rabbit Soldiers. I didn't know they followed me. Bianca must have told them to keep an eye on me. Once I heard them, I told Kendra to run, but she wouldn't. She stood there and held her arms out to her side. The Rabbit Soldiers took her away. I saw them bite her and bunny kick her. It was terrible! I hate them.

They took me too. They say I'm being sent back to the Great Warren. They say I need to meet with Fival again. I'm scared. His eyes spin around and around until they make me dizzy. I think he going to make me go crazy one day soon. But maybe they took her there too. If they did, I will try to help her.

I'm going to have to bury you, journal. I want you to stay safe from Bianca. I don't want her to find you. So I'm putting you in the ground right now before they take me away. I will rescue you when I come back. I promise.

Good Bye Journal.



  1. Nice work. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to reading more.

  2. ahh, so that's how the journal is preserved.