Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sink Me! It still be Pirate Week!

Talk Like a Pirate Day is in two days and I'm feeling pretty excited that today, I'm sharing with you one of my absolute favorite scenes from the series. 

In Pirate School: Port of Spies, the kids are sent to port to do a little supply shopping for the ship. But Aaron and Vicky get a little gruffy and fightable with each other, as they often do, the townspeople start to grow weary of wee pirates folk in their village.

Some of the townspeople were standing around watching us. Other people were watching us from inside the stores. And still more people were watching us from their windows.

"Arrr, everyone act normal," I whispered.

"Aye aye," my friends whispered back.

So we started acting normal. We did things that normal, non-pirate people did. I started to whistle and tap my head. Vicky walked in circles. Aaron and Gary put their hands in their pockets and kicked at stones on the dirt road. Inna walked over to the dress shop and smooshed her face against the window to look at all the dresses.

After a while, the landlubbers stopped staring at us.

I wiped my forehead and sighed. "That was a close one," I said. Pirate School #4: Port of Spies page 21-22

So, the lesson from this selection should be obvious to all. It's something every would-be pirate has known since that is: Non-piratey people are boring AND crazy. That is why we should all enjoy the day on Saturday and spend at least 24 hours behaving piratey.

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