Friday, September 18, 2009

Shiver Me Silly! Pirate Week is in Full Sail!

Inna came running up in a fancy white sailor suit and hat with red ribbons.

"What are you supposed to be?" Robert asked her. "You don't look like any pirate I've ever seen." He laughed.

"Hmmmph!" Inna snorted. "Just because I like to look pretty doesn't mean I'm not a shipshape pirate," she told him. "And just because you're gross and mean doesn't make you a good pirate, either!"

So, tomorrow's the big day...Talk Like a Pirate Day...the day when mangy sea pups everywhere will be putting on eye patches and doing their wee best to imitate rotten scoundrels. But, there be one more lesson to be learned. It's an old one, but one any sea fearing buccaneer should know: you can't always judge a pirate by the look of his gruff. 

It takes more to be a pirate than just looking the part and talking the talk. A pirate comes from the inside. The sea in your lungs, that's what makes a pirate. So, if ye truly want to get into character for the big day, my advice is simple. Get yerself a copy of all the Pirate School books and discover all the lessons Pete and the gang discover along the way (Arrr, shameless plugs are part and parcel with pirating).

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