Saturday, March 25, 2017

Weekend Music Roundup

It's the first official weekend of Spring, and while I will lament the passing of winter and dread the coming of summer, I will enjoy the mild days for the time being. This was an interesting week in that I listened to two of the best new hip hop albums that I've heard in quite some time. As winter passes, so usually does my immersion in folk and stoner metal, though there is a holdover on here, and the movement into indie and psych rock. The transition has begun however and there are a few good ones on here. Enjoy.

Joe Young - Invincible Armour: Released last month, this is the best Wu Tang Clan related album in years. Under the tutelage of Cappadonna, Joe Young has mastered the Wu style and gets help from Clan icons Method Man, The Chef, Inspectah Deck, Master Killa, and even ODB to create an album that sits right alongside the bands' other kung-fu themed records like Enter the 36 Chambers and Liquid Swords. Every song on here is in the classic Wu style and a must for fans clamoring for that old school hardcore sound.

The Octopus Project - Memory Mirror: It's been 15 years since the Austin based indietronica band's debut, and next month they return with their ninth, and first in four years. I've followed this band for over a decade and one thing about them is that they are always original. There is nobody quite like them. They are a more experimental version of The Flaming Lips, or along the same lines of early Flaming Lips with more focus on electronic influences. "Wrong Gong," "Bounce,""Pedro Yang," and "Woah, Mossman!!" were my personal favorites. 

Stinking Lizaveta - Journey to the Underworld: The eighth album from the Philly stoner metal band came out last month, their first in five years. This is a band that I checked out several years ago, but they've certainly improved since then. This instrumental math rock, stoner metal is wonderfully played, evoking stunning images in the sounds created. "Chorus of Shades," "Blood, Milk and Honey," and the title track are standouts.

Smino - blkswn: The debut full length album from Chicago rapper is one of the most original sounding hip hop albums I've heard in a long time. Not since Digable Planets first record can I remember hearing a hip hop album that felt so "new" to my ears. The influence of jazz and R&B on here brings a mellowness to his sometimes chaotic flow. The whole vibe of this record caught me into its groove and I was left pretty blown away. Highly recommended.

Danko Jones - Wild Cat: This is the ninth album from the Toronto rock band. I confess to giving it a go simply because of the cover, a process that has payed off in the past, and of course failed terribly. This falls somewhere in between, but leans closer to the terrible. I couldn't get into this brand of hard rock that feels very Ted Nugent 70's era rock n' girls nonsense. There are some good riffs on here, but they never quite come together, and lyrically, it's regrettable at best. A great album cover gone to waste.

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