Friday, March 10, 2017

Show Me the Way to the Next World

With all of the intrigue and turmoil going on in the world of politics, one story that seemed to get a little lost over the past two weeks was the discovery of a relatively nearby solar system very similar to ours, with at least a few potentially habitable planets. 

Since childhood, I've always been fascinated with the idea of space travel (and time travel, though it a subject for another post). I recall countless hours of daydreaming about visiting other planets. I was always obsessed with any space related sci-fi, and for the most part, I still am. After this story broke, my imagination on the topic was re-awoken. When scrolling through for a movie to watch last week, I had a hard time deciding between Interstellar and a Mass Effect anime. I went with the anime. 

I spent some time this morning looking at various writing ideas that I've collect over the years that involve space and other planets. Given this recent news, I'm feeling inspired to travel through the stars once again.

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