Saturday, December 24, 2016

Weekend Music Roundup

It's Christmas Weekend, and time for the last Roundup before the year end round up. This week features some two new releases, one amazing discovery, and a few re-issues and deluxe editions. With all the to-do around the holidays, it's sometimes hard to find a minute to listen to music, but I hope that you all may find some time to enjoy what I hope is a bundle of music gifts. I know that I'm hoping for such a bundle, and some time to enjoy it. Wishing you all the best of holidays. 

Horse - For Twisted Minds Only: Released in 1970, this is the only album from UK heavy psych band and was recently re-released. It's not surprising as this album fits perfectly with the current wave of heavy psych that's been coming out. Way ahead of it's time, this is fantastic heavy album. "Loose Control," "The Sacrifice," and "Step Out of Line" are brilliant tracks on here. Definitely worth checking out.

Neil Young - Peace Trail: The newest album from Godfather of Grunge is another political statement, as was his album from last year. But where that album felt flat and obvious, this album is passionate and intense. Neil has never backed away from sharing his views on issues and this time he rails against such topics of the Dakota Pipeline, government surveillance and societal indifference. Like most everybody else, I cherish Neil's work in the '60s and '70s, and this album feels at home with some of that work, as did 2012's Psychedelic Pill. "Terrorist Suicide Hang Gliders," "Can't Stop Workin'," and the title track are standouts.

Eye - Vision and Ageless Light: The third album from the Ohio psych band is quite good. It reminds me of Pink Floyd in the "The Man / The Journey" era, but with a modern clarity. I'd always meant to check out their previous albums, and now I certainly will as both are available for streaming on their Bandcamp site, as is this one. This borders on space rock but never ventures terribly far into the genre. Worth checking out for fans of expansive psych sounds.

Atlas Sound - Let the Blind Lead Those Who Can See bu Cannot Feel: Originally released in 2008, this is the second solo album by Bradford Cox of Deerhunter. It was just re-issued on vinyl and CD and includes the Another Bedroom EP from the same year. It sways the line between shoegaze and psych pop, reminding me of Mercury Rev. Another band that I've always meant to check out, and I found it to be interesting if not all that essential. This is really a genre piece, and fans of the genre will probably be into this.

The Decemberists - Picaresque (RSD Edition): Being a huge fan of the Portland band, I've had this album since it's 2005 release, but recently picked up the Record Store Day vinyl edition that includes exclusive downloads of rare tracks, demos, and live versions. This is the band's third album and represents the last of their whimsical records before moving into more rocking ones, and later into folk rock. A lot of the bonus tracks on here really capture that side of them at their best and make this edition a must for fans.

Erasy - The Valley of Dying Stars: The debut EP from the Brazilian doom metal band was one I checked out on a whim because I was intrigued by the album title and cover art. Musically, this is right down my alley. It has tremendous grooves that remind me Ruby Hatchet and The Sword. However, where it missed me was the growling vocals that felt more death metal than doom. The fact that I was still able to get into it at all is a testament to the music.

Oasis - (What's the Story) Morning Glory? Deluxe Edition: Another favorite album of mine that I recently purchased on 180gram vinyl, which includes two discs of bonus tracks on download. This is one of those landmark albums in my life and it still thrills me to listen to it. The bonus tracks, though I've heard them all before, are still top notch rock n roll. Easily one of my Top 25 favorite records of all time.

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