Friday, December 30, 2016

Fiction Friday (49)

Last January, I set a goal for myself to read more books than I had in the previous year. It's been hard to keep that goal with a toddler running around, work, and my sudden decision to pursue a Master's degree. However, I did manage to make ten entries in the the Fiction Friday category in 2016, which isn't anything to sneeze at. I was hoping for at least one book a month, but it is what is. This edition of my book review postings features the second book in a series that I was turned onto a few years back. This is always the time of year that I enjoy talking animal fantasy books, so it fit in just perfectly. Next year, I hope to make my goal. Enjoy. 

The White Assassin by Hilary Wagner
(Holiday House 2011)

The second book in the Nightshade City chronicles was just as delightful as the first. This story picks up three years after the rats of the Catacombs overthrew the ruthless Billycan and Killdeer. However, the rats of Nightshade are still searching for the fugitive Billycan, who has taken refuge in the swamps with a new band of rats.

With the help of an unknown traitor, Billycan has been planning an invasion of Nightshade with his new horde. However, the rats of Nightshade are aware of his plans and secretly infiltrate the swamp horde and thwart his plans. From there, the mystery only grows and we learn more about the origins of Billycan and the rats of Nightshade.

The book starts off slowly. It also presents a few leads that never seem to get answered, but I suppose they are building blocks for future installments. The story really heats up about a third of the way in, and that's when it really hooked me. Easily one of the best animal fantasy series since Redwall, and fans of that series will like this, as it takes the same in depth approach and challenges readers in a similar way.

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