Friday, December 2, 2016

Right Turn

As I continue my attempt to adjust to new world order ushered forth on Election Day, watching the expected dismantling of all liberal achievements made over the course of the last two decades, I'm continually filled with dread and sorrow. Seeing the parade of billionaires and war hawks that Trump is selecting for to lead the different departments of our federal government, I'm faced with the reality that this country will no longer represent and fight for the things I believe in. 

Sadly, it's not only in the US. This nationalist conservatism is happening all over the west. All the progress that has been made, what little of it there is, will evaporate in the blink of an eye. Greed with once again be given the green light to run rampant on the weak, on the environment, and on all the institutions that liberal's hold dear. 

At this point, Canada seems to be the last beacon of hope for the liberal agenda. I'm beginning to think we should all go there, bring about the society we all hope for, and show the rest of the world what life should be like. It has to be better than what is going to be left of America after this new "unified" government gets through stealing whatever it can get its hands on.

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