Thursday, April 28, 2016

America's Right Turns

Last week, Bernie Sanders lost a tough election in my state of New York, and with it, he most likely lost any chance at becoming the Democratic nominee for President. This leaves the left leaning wing of the party with the choice of voting for a third party, or supporting Hillary Clinton. This is a familiar place for many of us on the left. We are faced with voting for our beliefs, or voting out of fear of the right. 

I will probably succumb to my fears and vote blue, but my problem with that in this case is that voting for Hillary isn't much different than voting with the right. Ever since Bill Clinton strategically pivoted to the middle in 1996 in order to secure his re-election, the left has continued to comprise by moving right. The result is that our government is now far more right than the population. 

Hillary has continued to say how she is the one who can get things done. That may be true, but at what cost? Moving us farther to the right? I simply find it hard to believe that her recent "progressive" stances are anything but lip service, and if she is the nominee, it will be up to all of us to make sure she continues moving us toward the left or suffer through more years of watching our hopes dashed.

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