Saturday, January 2, 2016

Year End Music Roundup - Best of 2015!

The calendars have been flipped, the days have passed away, and another year has drawn to a close. That can only mean that it's also time to present a list of the best albums released in 2015, at least the best in my opinion, and based only on the nearly 200 that I heard. Just as in the last few years, I find that most of my favorites were released from bands or artists that I've followed for some time. Though I've always tried to listen to new artists as much as I can, I find my limited free time has cut down on that. That said, my #3 album on this year's list is a new artist for me as is #13 and #16, so I suppose that's not all that bad. And not reflected on here, this is the year I discovered two new favorite bands; Goblin Hovel and The Legendary Pink Dots. But here's what I have...the order is not definitive, but it's generally accurate, with little difference existing between #5 and #12 or #13 and #20. Please note that Live albums were excluded and had their own list last weekend. Also note that the Marilyn Manson album was mistakenly on my list last year, therefore it appears two years in a row. No reviews this time, but all have been reviewed on the Roundup before, so go back, read through, and check out some great music. Enjoy.



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