Friday, January 15, 2016

The Wolf Cries Once Again...

For the past year, I've been bogged down in the world of goblins, telling the tale of a tortured young soul in the rewrites of my manuscript. In that time, I've had to put aside my other tale of a tortured young soul. But over the past several weeks, I've had time to return to that tale of a young werewolf and have once again been caught up in the curse of blood-thirsty wolves that terrorize the foothills of some unnamed town. 

Returning to a story, especially one that is more than half done, is never an easy process. It takes quite a bit of time to not only familiarize oneself with the characters and story, but also the narrative style, particularly when it is a story that you are attempting to tell in a way that you've never told a story before. Finally the acclimating process is done and I'm ready to jump back in. The good part is that all of the exposition and plot set up is done, so I get to dig right into the meaty part of the story...the part that is the most fun to write.

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