Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Man Who Wants to Own the World

A few months ago when billionaire buffoon Donald Trump threw his hair piece into the running for President, it was all fun and games. No one took him seriously, especially when his announcement came with a statement referring to Mexicans as criminals and rapists. And for a while it was fun to listen to his idiotic ramblings and laugh at him and the morons who were attending his rallies. But over the past several weeks, the joke suddenly doesn't seem so funny anymore.

With each new outrageous thing he says, whether it's that we should kill the families of terrorists, or that we should ban Muslims, or that we need to shut off the internet in some way, his poll numbers simply go up and up and up. In typical demagogue fashion, he seems to be playing on people's fears and anger, stirring their hatred and using it to secure the support of masses of ignorant voters. What is even more frightening is that he doesn't seem to even understand the issues he's commenting on and his supports hardly seem to notice or care as they give standing ovations to his nonsense. 

In the past, we've often wondered how someone like Hitler got elected. It seemed an inconceivable mystery to me, until now, because we are currently witnessing how Hitler got elected. And just like Hitler, if this guy is elected, it won't end with four years. He's already shown that he doesn't respect Congress, not to mention anybody who disagrees with his bullshit. He's already talked about closing the borders, limiting the internet and free speech, and an intolerance for the press. I fear Donald Trump isn't running for President, he's running for Dictator. But I'm greatly confident this fascist won't win any election.   

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