Sunday, June 14, 2015

Weekend Music Roundup

It's Sunday and another week has passed, time once again to review some of the music I've been listening to over the last couple of days. I'm still trying to catch up on the mounds of albums that piled up in the previous month and it's been quite fun working my way through them. This week saw some albums that I've been waiting for as well as a handful of records that simply looked interesting. Also, being summer around these parts, there is a lighter, sunnier vibe to the sounds I've been grooving to. Hopefully there's something on here that spark your interest as well. Enjoy!

Marietta - Basement Dreams Are the Bedroom Cream: I was drawn to this debut album from the French psych band because of the awesome cover. I mean, really, what's not appealing about that. I'm happy to say the music is equally as appealing, reminding a bit of Brian Jonestown Massacre. Nothing particularly groundbreaking, but definitely a nice summer dose of pleasing psychedelic sounds that's worth checking out.

Bang Gang - The Wolves are Whispering: Released this week is the first album in seven years from the Icelandic indie band. I first started to follow them over a decade ago when they released their stunning second LP and was excited to see this was coming out, especially since I figured they had disbanded years ago. Another solid effort, this album is musically down tempo indie pop with shoegaze type vocals, a combination that I certainly appreciate. Also, a stunning cover doesn't hurt either.

Beast Coast - California Nights: The L.A. indie pop duo's third album doesn't stray very far from their first two. If anything, it tends to be a little more pop than their slightly more garage inspired debut. Nothing on here is as endearing or earnest as their breakout "When I'm With You", and part of me feels as though I'm always searching for that song when I listen to their work. It's both a blessing and a curse to have a song so great that everything that comes after will be compared to it. This is an enjoyable listen, but probably not something I will return to all that often. Easily absorbed, easily washed away. 

Raekwon - Fly International Luxurious Art: Though it's been years since I've heard a Wu related album that holds up from start to finish, I never get tired of searching for one. The latest from the Chef certainly isn't the one that is going to end that drought, but like all Wu related releases, it has moments that make you remember that you are listening to the best on the planet. This one suffers from a bit too much repetition, and a bit too much R&B backing vocals, but when it's on, it's pretty solid. Probably for completists only. 

The Holydrug Couple - Moonlust: The third album from the Chilean neo-psych band was released earlier last month and it has a light airy feel in the vain of Boards of Canada with shoegazer vocals. This would be the ultimate kind of chill-out room record for back in the rave days, holding similarities with early Slowdive albums. The band name alone certainly makes this one interesting and worth a listen.

Black Pussy - Magic Mustache: The debut album from this Portland based heavy psych band shows a lot of promise. Definitely on the border between stoner rock and psych, this falls in the Kyuss, Kadavar, The Sword school of rock. Right up my ally, I enjoyed this album, and can see a killer record in the future. Definitely worth checking out for fans of the genre.

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