Friday, June 5, 2015

Long Live the Game

I've had very little time for television over the past month, but there is one show that I will continue to make time for no matter what. In it's fifth season, Game of Thrones continues to be as compelling as ever. Just about half through the season, the storylines are beginning to ramp up and hint at some stunning events to come. Currently, the plight of John Snow in the North and Sansa Stark are the most interesting and desperate. I'm also enjoy Stannis as he marches on Winterfell. The intensity is definitely in the North now that winter is coming, though the South holds intrigue as well. 

Perhaps the best part of this show is the shifting alliances and continuing flux of power in the Seven Kingdoms. It truly is a game to see who will sit on the Iron Throne and currently there are no front runners to win. Of course, I have my favorites, as do most viewers I'd imagine, but honestly at this point, I'm simply enjoying the ride.

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