Saturday, April 4, 2015

Not Like I Was, Not Like I Am

For one of the more intense scenes I decided to add to the revised draft of my novel, I did something that I don't typically like to do; I had my character step out of herself. In a fit of confusion, and a desire for control in a situation that continues to spiral out of her control, she takes on the personality traits of those she fears most. In a way, it's her attempt to understand them, but that's actually more of an excuse for her. The real motivation is that she is tired of being the victim and for once, even if it's for only a short moment, she wants to know what it feels like to be the perpetrator.

In the end, I think the scene worked extremely well and is quite powerful. I believe we all have those moments when we attempt to see how the other lives, so to speak. There's a sense of pleasure to be found in becoming what you hate, as well as a wealth of knowledge to be gained. But it's a dangerous game...and one that was very fun to write. Probably the most fun scene that I've written in a long time.

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