Monday, August 6, 2012

Redemption for the Cat

Two weeks ago, I posted about how my cat Mitzie got outsmarted by a mouse (here). But she's one determined kitty and when the mouse returned this past week, she never left her post. For two days and nights, she camped out in the same spot as before, just waiting for her chance to redeem herself. I'll admit, after the last fiasco, I had little faith. 

On Friday night, she refused to come to bed. She stayed up the entire night on duty. In the morning, I came downstairs and found nothing out of the ordinary. I figured the mouse had eluded her again, as it had been doing for weeks judging by the amount of chocolate the mouse had eaten. But an hour later, Mitzie came and found me, dropping the dead mouse at my feet. Job well done, squirt!

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