Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Story Time Tuesday - Rise of the Machines

The other day I dreamt I was watching the world go dark from the safety of an atmosphere in orbit. Looking through the windows, I could see the sprawling complex of grey domes and stretches of concrete promenades. My line of sight was a clear and instinctively I knew this station was sparsely populated.

As the scene pulled back, I stood alongside my two colleagues. A man and a women, both scientists, dressed like Cloud City action figures. Panic set in around us once the android flashed by. A swift, faceless robot made of lean and murderous metal. It had already stabbed most of the staff with arms cut to a sword's end.

Ducking through wide rounded corridors, we're able to hide more than run. But the machines control the locks and our path is quickly cut off, but not until we've made it outside. "I stored something away that can stop it," the man says. His red hair and red beard looking more brown in the strange sunlight as he leads us to a garage. 

Opening the door to the only car in sight, the man pulls forward the back seat. Embedded in the underside is a compacted version of the same deadly robot. He removes a rectangular box and hands it to me. The liquid inside shifts its weight from side to side. "Find a way to pour that on it...it should stop him," he tells me just before a metal spike strikes through him from behind. 

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