Friday, July 20, 2012

A Game of Cat and Mouse

Over the last few days, the Missus and I have frequently found our cat Mitzie staring attentively into the corner. We are familiar enough with her habits to know that meant something was in the wall. Typically only mice will get days worth of patient guarding, and this time was no different.

Last night, while sitting on the sofa, Mitzie pounced, rather noisily knocking over candles and clanging against the firewood tray. At first, I ignored this outburst due to two previous false alarms. But when I looked closer, I saw the mouse hiding behind the very same firewood tray as Mitzie frantically sniffed and searched the other side of it. 

The mouse waited to make its move. Sensing my cat's nature to throw all of her smarts out the window when confronted with excitement, the mouse made a wide turn and raced back into safety. Stunned, Mitzie spun around and was completely too slow to react. Of course, she spent the next hour or so looking for the mouse in the place where it had been hiding, though it was long gone. 

There is no questioning her determination. She stood guard the rest of the night. However, it saddens me to report she was outsmarted by a mouse...and isn't the first time either. It's not easy being the Mitzie.

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