Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Haunting of Stories Past

Recently I made a choice to do something I rarely do unless pushed to because of deadlines...I started a new manuscript before editing the one I'd just finished. Typically I would want to get that second draft out of the way so that the problems lingering from the first wouldn't haunt me. But this time, I just felt such a pull to the new story kicking around in my head, and such dread for the mess I was leaving behind, that I made the fateful decision.

A week or so later, I still stand by my choice. I think going right into the second draft wouldn't have been productive. Also, the initial push on the other manuscript is coming out to my liking. So like I said, no regrets. But the over the past few days, I hear the other story calling to me. The characters are beginning to feel forgotten. And as every writer knows, you can't let your characters grow disgruntled or they'll revolt. 

So I make this public promise to the characters I left on the page two weeks ago that I will begin to rework your story this weekend. I make it publicly because as we all know, fictional characters monitor the internet relentlessly.

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