Saturday, March 31, 2012

Smurf Hunt

In the wilds beyond Smurf Village lives a creature terrifying to those forest dwellers that stand three apples high. Its predawn cry rattles the trees and frightens smurflings far and wide. One of Gargamel's most grotesque creations....the dreaded Pumpkin Headed Smurf.

When the winter snow is fresh and the sky is grey, he stomps and growls. He roars and howls. He creeps closer and closer with a hunger that cannot be met.

But there is one brave warrior smurfy enough to confront this menace of the forest. Setting off from his camp, he matches the beast's calls with fearsome cries of his own. Their paths rearrange on a collision course from which only one smurf could ever survive.

Round the winding trails in the forest, the two come face-to-face. One raises his arms. The other levels his weapon....

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