Monday, April 25, 2011

You Can't Get There From Here

I can't prove anything, but I'm pretty sure I was incepted this weekend.

During a dream, my mind was close to figuring out that it was a dream but the dream kept throwing obstacles in my way. It all started with a drive away from the house where I grew up. Now I was a little thrown off by all the added railroad tracks and slightly scorched appearance of the nearby houses, but my first real clue that something was wrong didn't come until I turned out of the development and found myself immediately on the interstate.

That's not where it's supposed to be, I thought as I now watched the car from high above.
My passengers, also observers, assure me that they've made some changes since last I drove.

Fine. I'll go with it.

The next thing I know, we are very far away in a very short time. I keep insisting to everyone else in the dream that it didn't take as long as it should to get there. Sitting in this strange house now, feeling a sense of conspiracy, I figure out that I can add up the times from the songs that played on my iPod during the drive and prove that it only took a few minutes.

My sister is there and she agrees to help. I'm reading off the track times and she's plugging them into the calculator on an iPad (I think this dream was sponsored by Apple, or incepted by Apple). As I'm reading the track times, out of nowhere a nurse steps into the room and calls my sister back to see the doctor.

Doctor? What the hell?

I take her iPad and plan to get to the bottom of this myself. Of course, there are about six million applications open and I can't find the calculator. Another roadblock. Forget it, I decide I'll do it by hand. But as I'm adding up times, all of the sudden all of these songs show up on the playlist that I don't remember hearing. I theorize that perhaps I fell asleep during the drive, but figure the passengers would have told me since I was driving.

I know something's up. Something is wrong. The inceptors must realize I'm close because in comes a little girl with a zombie doll to distract me from this train of thought once and for all. There's no telling what worthless information they stole from my brain after that.

Beware all...the dream stealers have awoken.

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