Saturday, April 9, 2011

a bloody but holy day

I'm spending this weekend going through the copyedit of my novel Life Is but a Dream. For those of you not in the publishing business, this stage of the process is equivalent to a medical check-up. It is tedious and I don't want to do it, and yet it is very important. Even if it does make me sleepy.

Besides the fact that its main purpose is to go through the grammar of the book, grammar being something I despise nearly as much as bees and wasps, the main reason I dread this stage is really the fact that I have to read my own book again for the seven millionth time. Nothing ever sounds exciting after reading it over and over. However, it's the last stage to really change something that I don't like so the reading is important.

I'm about a third of the way through and so far, I think I've changed about six words. I know it seems crazy to say this, but I feel six words is a worthwhile use of my time.

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  1. Six words - good. After so much time the mood must change.