Thursday, April 7, 2011

Falling Pieces, Finding Places

Any way you approach a story, there are going to be obstacles. An endlessly detailed outline can be stifling. Planning no course at all will most likely leave you lost on a dead end road. There's no way around it--writing a novel is hard and each story has its own way of coming into the world. A big part of being a writer is figuring out how to wrest that tale from the imaginative world and put it down on paper.

The book I'm writing now, like all books I've written in the past, presents unique challenges. I wrote last week how the characters seemed to be ahead of me, going forward before I really knew where they were going. But I've since caught up with them. Walking in step with them. Once that happened, I saw what they were seeing. Suddenly, large sections of the story began erupting in my head.

It was happening...that moment when all the pieces fall into place and the story elements begin to weave together into something better than I could have imagined when I began it. One thing I've learned over the years is that writing isn't always about having something to say and saying it. It's a process of discovery. It's about tuning into the frequency of a story, catching it's little nuances and allowing it all to come to life.

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